Are Australian businesses utilizing Information technology effectively?

Are Australian businesses utilizing Information technology effectively?

In a digital world where information is power, businesses that do not reap benefits from the internet and social media often fall far behind their competitors. These devices have a lot to offer companies in terms of valuable information regarding customer needs and product qualities. No matter what you sell or how you sell it, social media helps you grow your business and prevents you from spending millions on information that you could get for relatively free!

Australian businesses do not employ these tools as much as other countries, despite their effectiveness in businesses. There seems to be a lack of knowledge and education surrounding this department and hence, they do not acquire the benefits of this valuable commodity.

There are a lot of IT indicators that can be viewed to assess the range of services businesses is utilising. These give a clear cut visualisation of how technology savvy a company is. They include the following:
• Internet access
• Use of broadband services
• Social media availability
• Internet or e-commerce

As per the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Business’s use of Information technology selected indicators from 2012-2015 revealed social media presence and web presence was mere 34% and 48% respectively. Despite internet access being available at almost 94% of the businesses, the lack of utilisation points towards a dearth of knowledge regarding it’s worth and assistance for businesses. These statistics clearly indicate that more needs to be done on the educational front to guide these corporations to utilise their priceless resources better to achieve maximum results from their investments.

In addition to these facts, it can also be seen that compared to large scale businesses, few small and medium scale businesses profit from social media websites or web availability. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, business use of information technology according to employee base for the years 2014-2015, businesses with more than 200 employees have web presence and social media presence of nearly 91% and 71% respectively, compared to small scale businesses with 0-4 persons having web subsistence and social media availability of nearly 38% and 28%.

There seems to be quite a dramatic difference between the statistics of these two businesses. This may be in part be due to large scale businesses having the proper consultants and professionals who guide them through these necessary tools.

It was also seen that value income that was achieved from sales of goods and services burgeoned greatly through internet increase by 7%, from $267 billion in the year 2013-2014 to $286 billion in the years 2014-2015. There is a relationship that can be extrapolated from this information, organisations that rely on informational technology perform much better, augment their sales, and are financially more successful than companies that do not utilise them.

The takeaway message is clear, there is a need to impart proper guidance and knowledge to small-scale business industries with the help of factual statistics in order to educate them to better facilitate themselves with these services. By using web presence and social media, these companies can not only revolutionise their management, sales department, marketing areas but conduct all that efficiently and more cost effectively!

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