Choosing a Domain Name for Australian Business

Choosing a Domain Name for Australian Business

A domain name of a website (also referred to as a URL or website address) is an imperative consideration when building up an online presence for your business. Selecting a suitable domain name for Australian business is an initial step in building credibility online. You need to keep in mind to carefully select an appropriate domain name since your company’s website address could be where it could dwell for its entire operating life. There are a variety of steps in choosing a domain name for Australian business.

1. Keep it Short and Simple

Concise domain names are simple to be remembered by online visitors without making any mistake. For instance, the name of your company is Jon’s Catering Services Melbourne, the best domain name should be and not Short domain names are easy to remember!

2. Localize the Domain Name

If your company is not global, you need to try to purchase a localized domain name. Businesses in Australia should have a domain name of in order to show people that your company is genuine since you are required to have a valid ABN in order to purchase a domain name of In addition, search engines will recognize that you are aiming at Australian audiences in order to better help you in your Australian search engine rankings.

3. Select a Good Business

There are a lot of domain registrars that offer really poor customer service which might lead to your website going offline. Hence, you need to ensure to purchase a domain name from highly regarded domain registrars such as GoDaddy or Netregistry.

4. Selecting Choice Keywords

Adding certain keywords in the website address of your company greatly helps your rankings in well-known search engines like Yahoo or Google. It’s ideal to select a keyword that you believe your prospective clients will make use of in order to find your company. A professional in SEO (search engine optimization) like Cost Effective Design will help you select a keyword for your domain name for Australian business. These domain names are utilized in circumstances in which customers don’t want to make use of the business name since it’s either already used by other companies or the name of the company is just too long. If you are serious in terms of generating a lot of web traffic for your domain name for Australian business through search engines, you need to obtain a domain name having a keyword other than your business name.

5. Associated with Your Niche

The domain name for Australian business is your brand, hence it’s vital that it is associated with your niche. If your company provides services for animals and pets, then your domain name should not be since furniture isn’t related to animals.
Overall, there are lots of ways to choose a domain name for Australian business, but the aforementioned steps are vital in order for your Australian business/company to thrive! Following these simple steps will surely make your business successful.

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