Importance of checking exactly what website visitors do on your website

Importance of checking exactly what website visitors do on your website

The greatest goal of any successful website is to maximise audience and ensure they can get to your website to gather the information and solutions listed there. Checking what visitors do when they visit a website is very important as it gives the developer a sense of what areas are popular with the public and which areas need further improvement. If you run a website that directly deals with customers, then keeping a look out for they way customers interact with the website can ideally yield important research that can help you improve the look of your website and make it more interactive and user-friendly for the clients.

Your total conversion rate is the number of conversions, such as purchases, emailing or using solutions, done by the number of visitors to the site. This number is a good indicator of high standing websites, for example, websites like Gmail and Amazon have extremely high conversion rates. By investigating which areas are visited more frequently by the visitor, you can improve conversion rate by highlighting those areas, such as placing them on the home page, whereas areas which are less frequently visited give you an idea of what isn’t working. This provides you a chance to make changes to your website so you can increase your conversion rate.

Another indicator that can help you keep track of your website is the bounce rate which indicates the proportion of people who visit the website but leave without clicking anywhere else. Keeping a check on visitors ensures that you know which pages of your websites have the biggest bounce rate, meaning these areas are confusing or uninteresting to the public. This aspect will help you brainstorm how to increase traffic to these areas are make the conversion rate high.
If you are enthusiastic about increasing audience and keeping track of their activities on your website, then you can incorporate two important tools that can help track your site’s performance. Google analytics is one of the widely used tools by most website managers, giving managers the data to make proactive business decisions. You can figure out that the traffic towards your site is moving in a positive or negative direction, the conversion rate as well as the bounce rate. You can learn what visitors are looking for, popular regions on your website and determine the reasons why people abandon purchases.

Another tool that can help you keep on top of these analytics is the webmaster tools. This is also offered by Google for free and it allows webmasters to keep track of their indexing, improve the visibility of their websites so it preferred by visitors and increase conversion rate.
Webmasters can utilise these tools and their experience to figure out the psyche of the audience and augment their interaction on the websites. They can garner knowledge as to which pages need to be boosted and which need to be improved by incorporating better research. All of these can prove to be very important for website managers in the long run.

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