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speed_optimiseIs your website loads slow? It will increase the bounce rate as website visitors will hit the back button if the site did not load fast enough. In addition, Google will not love if your site loads slow. Final result is your website is costing money for your business. First thing first, you need to identify the issues and fix them immediately. Secondly you need to learn how to maintain it. We are sharing website optimisation tips and good practice to maintain your website.



Tip #00

First of all check the issues causing your website to load slow. You can use these great online tools to check your website.

Google Speed Test (Online) |


Tip #01

Always make sure you compress the images before uploading them to the website. You can use the following tools to optimise your JPEGS and PNGs before you upload  them to your website or blog.

PNG Compressor | JPEG Compressor

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