Website with a Content Management System

Having just a website is not enough for your business. Content of the web site need to be up to date as your business grow. That is where the content management system (CMS) will come in handy. It is providing an easy to use platform to add, edit or delete content of your website without any knowledge of HTML or programming.

Content Management System

Benefits of using content management system

As web developers there are many advantages of using content management system. However, we will see how your business can benefit from them.

Your business is rapidly growing and you make changes to the products and services and that needed to be reflect on your website. Do you know people and search engine like the website that constantly update and adding valuable information regular basis. Biggest advantage of having a CMS system is that you can easily update your content without paying someone to do it.

Popular content management systems comes with built-in or add-on functionalities like easy to edit meta tags, meta description for search engines, newsletter subscription, user registration, social media integration and many more. It is highly recommended to use these functions in your website to keep interact with website visitors and make them keep on coming to your website. If you use popular CMS you do not have to reinvent these again.

Content management system comparison

Lets compare couple of popular CMS systems in the market and see what would suit your business. WordPress and Joomla is the most popular web content management system currently used by many businesses in Australia. Both are good and have their own way of managing website data and presenting them.

First thing you need to consider is the price to setup WordPress and Joomla website. WordPress site can be develop fairly cheaply comparing to a Joomla website. WordPress sites can have all the functionality that joomla sites have but it is less complex.

Both the systems have great community around it and support. Also, both have thousands of plugins develop to achieve various functionalities. Also, they have ready made templates where you can easily purchase them and use them. Both Joomla and WordPress provide room to customise it template to suit you.

Generally we highly recommend WordPress for small and medium size businesses in Australia. based on your requirements you might want to use different platform to get its native advantages. Feel free to contact us for any professional advice on selecting best CMS for your business.

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